R.I.P.E : Investigate – Pt 1

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the companies I worked for was situated in a beautiful green campus. During one of the company all hands meeting, one employee posed a suggestion to the President of the company – Please get us a fitness center in the office premises. President replied – “To be fit all you need is a pair of jogging shoes” Coming from a gentleman of 50+ whose level of fitness can challenge a 25 year old, opened the eyes of many that evening. For being fit we do not need expensive gears or fitness centers. All we need is to know our options and chose the right one.

Let us look at 4 key things to investigate: When, Where, What, Who to understand what options exist. This was turning out to be a rather lengthy post, so I have broken “Investigate” in 2 parts. In part 1, we will look at When and Where.

When :
Usually every individual, household. Workplace has a pattern in which events happen. Start today and keep a note of your daily activities for a week. A pattern/routine will emerge. In this routine look for a 30 – 45 mins window. Once you identify the slot, stick to it. Daily routine changes over time, as kids grow up or you change jobs. Every few weeks you should investigate if any other better slot is emerging.

This will work for most of the people that do not travel. I plan to write a separate post for frequent travellers.

Tip : Traveling or not, usually early morning before anyone wakes up is an ideal time for yourself. Check the pattern to see if you can wake up 30 – 45 mins earlier than the rest .

Some options – home, community /apartment/office/neighbourhood gym, swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court, plain road. Investigate which options among these best fit the availablity in your area.

Many apartment complexes/communities have a clubhouse that has gym, play courts, swimming pool. Check if your provides one. Your community may provide a running track as well. Community facilities are the best because it saves travel time and being closer to home provides you much more flexibility with time.

If not in your apartment, check if you have a neighbourhood gym or any of the above facilities. Does your neighbourhood have a park for walking or jogging?

Does your place of work provide exercising facility. This also is a very convenient option as you save travel time and can chose to use it during your lunch time or breaktime or before or after office hours.

Plenty of home options for those who cannot step out is also available. This option provides the ultimate flexibility. Works best for people with very tight schedule and young mothers. Some of the exercises come handy while travelling as well. I will cover some of the home options in “Investigate – What”.

I have known colleagues who put on their running shoes during lunch time and go for a jog in the company campus. Many young mothers who wake up before their baby wakes up to be at the gym. Next time you doubt you have time to exercise, ask yourself – “Really?!”

Stay tuned for Investigate Pt 2– What, Who. Till then,

Stay fit and healthy!


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