Abhishek Prabhu

Abhishek Prabhu

In this episode, we introduce Abhishek Prabhu, a finance professional, to you. Let us read, what he has to say about his Navitae experience..

I was part of another weight loss program and Navitae/Ruma helped in designing workouts that complemented my weight loss efforts. I was given a set of compound body exercises initially along with High Intensity Interval cardio to speed up the fat loss process. Once I shed a good amount of fat, the exercises changed to tone isolated muscles.

When I started training under Ruma, I was recovering from a medical setback and doctors advised me to lose weight and reduce body fat. I had also undergone a surgical procedure on my right knee which reduced the mobility in that joint. Further, i had a history of slip disc episodes and chronic back pain.
To top it all, I was a person who loved running or any form of cardio and hated gym because I thought of it as boring. I came across Ruma by accident and she has her husband to thank for that. Also initially I was skeptical about the app based approach and the lack of use of machines in her training but I decided to give it a shot anyway because she’s such an enthusiastic person 😁 and I thought no harm.

In a very short while I was won over and all my doubts were laid to rest. Not only is her approach personalized, it’s also fun and intense (which I love). The app based approach gives me flexibility to schedule my workouts and Ruma takes pain to ensure that the exercises are performed in the right manner.
Thanks to her approach my entire Outlook to working out has changed. After 6 months under her guidance, I’ve developed better overall strength and I’ve realized the importance of building muscle strength. She’s also helped me get back to running.

Last but not the least she’s extremely approachable and when you speak to her you know that it’s ok to err occasionally if you follow her instructions in large parts, you’ll eventually achieve your goals. She’ll ensure it happens 😊

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