Adi Sankari

Adi Sankari

My name is Adi Sankari and I’ve been a part of Navitae for the past three months. I was struggling with weight issues bodypain and also had migraine headaches. Navitae helped me overcome all this. I have almost lost 3 kgs after using the starter kit.

At the beginning I had tried different dieting and exercises to lose weight. Most of the time I only had to eat fruits and sometimes I had to starve myself. I lost very little weight and mostly it was water loss. I started feeling weak and it was only then I joined Navitae.

I was so surprised at the start when I realized that I just had to start eating healthy and not reduce the quantity of intake. Stopping Milk and Sugar was the biggest challenge but once I did that, there were wonders happening to my body. The exercise and food have totally changed me. I feel energetic and happy all of a sudden.
To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise, we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear” is a saying by Buddha.

It is Navitae that gave me good health in the most healthy manner. I would love to thank Ruma and the whole team to help me achieve my goals and make me become healthier.

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