Anand Bala

Anand Bala

I am in my mid-forties and have been on medication for hypertension for close to two decades. Obesity and hypertension had created a vicious cycle. It had reached a stage where I had been declined term cover for a second time. That was the alarm bell. Off late, my obesity was also impacting my confidence levels.

**Struggles in the journey and how they were overcome :

This was my third attempt in three years to address my hypertension and obesity through exercise. My first attempt where I had a trainer failed because I was not committed to making the change. This despite my trainer giving more than his best. In my second attempt, I was swimming regularly for about 6 months. I quit because I was not seeing impact both in terms of weight and in terms of hypertension.

I realized I needed a three-pronged approach. i) diet that was doable ii) an exercise routine that was possible iii) I needed to be accountable.

**How this was achieved ?

Navitae’s programme was something I could execute. I also started seeing changes. When you start seeing results you start investing more in the programme. In addition to this – for the last 6 to 8 weeks I have been walking > 8KM a day walking as well.

3 small tips to someone who wants to fight this battle:

1) Get an activity tracker and start moving every day. This helps build momentum and can get addictive.

2) Walk every day and walk at pace where you can’t sing and walk.

3) Hold yourself accountable to weight goals by sharing your goals it with people who matter (spouse, friends, parents)

***My Progress in less than 3 months ( from Feb 15th to May 10th, 2020)

BP from 140/110 to 116/76
Resting heart rate from 89 to 59
Weight from 114 to 99

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