Dipak Kumar Sen

Dipak Kumar Sen

In our journey, we receive the ultimate satisfaction when our members come to us with their success stories. This reinforces our belief that we are in the right path.

In this post, we present to you, Shri Dipak Kumar Sen and his experience with Navitae.
I was suffering from high blood pressure and blood sugar. I had terrible health condition due to my obesity.
The Navitae program has helped me understand the true value of calories!! I would always eat less but eating less will never help. The art of reducing is to eat correct and count the calories correctly.

I lost 10kgs in 1.5 months with the help of the diet program and the continuous support and motivation of Ms. Ruma and Ms. Rebe..Now I am fit and happy! I have also bid adieu to my knee pain and sugar medicines as well!
Also the program has a very good exercise plan following which regularly, made me very flexible and fit!!

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