Dr B R Hariharan

Dr B R Hariharan

I am Dr. B R Hariharan, an avid marathon runner and Finisher Member of Seven Continents club (a Runner has to run and finish full marathons in all the seven continents of the world including Antarctica to qualify). I am as young as 71. I thought that regularly running half marathon runs including virtual runs and stretching 5/10 minutes before and after the run was sufficient.

All these changed in April 2020 when I joined Navitae fitness program. I have been advised that running alone is not sufficient and that I should improve my strength, flexibility and posture, in addition to my cardio.

It took some time for me understand these things in practice. After nearly five months in to this fitness program I realise what she (Ruma Pal) meant.

Russian Twist, Bulgarian split squat, Plank, wall squat, Caterpillar walk, frog jump are few of the things I learnt as part of the work out. I could see a marked improvement in my overall fitness and my running pace has also improved. I do my virtual half marathon every week.

Weekly regimen with persuasive, gentle nudging reminders and weekly progress report and a peer pressure from other youngsters brought in a discipline for me and I do my work out for 3 days and cardio 3 days which meant running for me, without fail and with lot of enthusiasm. This means a lot to me especially during these corona times. I am glad that I joined this program at the right time.

Hats off, Hari Anna. We wish you all success in all your future endeavors!!

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