Parna Bhattacharya

Parna Bhattacharya


I am a working mother, which means I have two jobs – both quite demanding, satisfying, exciting and draining at the same time. I’m continuously prioritizing and in that mode, the last thing I have been thinking of has been my own health.

Late last year almost accidentally while checking my dad’s blood pressure I checked mine and found it was quite high – doctor suggested running everyday (which of course I never did). Two months later my blood pressure was still elevated and my blood cholesterol levels also came as high. This was the time when I decided to act for my own sake & that of my family.

I joined Navitae with the goal of improving my vital stats, I clearly needed some discipline to manage my schedule and set my priorities right. Less than 3 months into the program, I’m happy to report that I have met my first goal of healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I have also realised that this is just the first step towards a healthy self. Navitae has shown me how I can accommodate exercise and diet in my daily life, including when I’m traveling for work or vacationing. The community inspires with stories of success and gives me the confidence that my next set of goals are within my reach.

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