Partha Desarkar

Partha Desarkar

I grew up in Kolkata, studied to be an aeronautics engineer, but ended up in Bangalore running a Business Process Management Company.

I got into fitness in 2019 by accident. Towards the end of 2018, I developed a persistent shoulder pain, MRI revealed a nerve tear and an impingement. No idea how I got that. The doctor advised me to strengthen my shoulder if I wanted to avoid surgery. I started with physiotherapy and then graduated to strength training.

During that time, I had a chance meeting with Ruma of Navitae, who had come to our office for a fitness talk and demo. Her talk piqued my interest further and I met her in her office again and discussed my fitness regime. We decided to work on a fitness diet plan and the was the start of my fitness journey.

Today my fitness regime is 3 days of strength training and 3 days of yoga, 1 hour each. While strength training helps my weight loss program, yoga adds flexibility and overall well-being.  A really good balance of diet and workouts is essential for overall fitness goals.

Navitae’s diet plan has helped me lose 18 kgs in 12 months. I was 103 kg in Jan 2019, I hit 85 kgs in Jan 2020. The weight loss has been principally driven by their diet plan. The great thing about Navitae’s plan is that apart from sugar and milk, which they ask you to cut down completely, the rest of the food plan is not very restrictive. It is not soup and salad and boiled veggies all the time. Their diet allows very tasty food that helps you to sustain the diet for a long time. Weight-loss programs are 80% diet and 20% exercises.

Apart from that, I have seen amazing improvement in my strength and endurance. I did 130 push-ups of different styles in 5 minutes just last week, when I had a goal of 100. I can do 100 crunches at a time. My joint flexibility has improved so much through regular yoga. All my aches and pains and my shoulder injury is gone. I am a calmer personality now, and I credit my yoga sessions for it.

My fitness makes me a lot more productive as well. I put in long hours at work, travel quite a bit, but don’t feel tired at all. When I go to the gym, I am usually the first one to switch on the lights at 5am and also the oldest guy lifting weights. The trainers there tell me that my strength and fitness at 57 is a good example for the younger crowd that generally throng the gyms. That motivates me a lot. I am indebted to my coaches for helping me in this journey. I think that when I retire from an active career, I will also become a fitness coach for 50+ people. Older people in India generally ignore fitness and I believe I can contribute to changing that by walking the talk. That’s something to look forward to.

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