Pradosh Nair

Pradosh Nair

Pradosh is a passionate programmer by profession and an excellent artist, by choice. In this post, we present to you, Pradosh’s fitness journey with us.

From the horse’s mouth

Most of my fitness journeys had almost always ended due to back pain. This caused me to derail from the journey and lose focus of what needed to be done. And one of the darkest periods in my life, so far, with respect to health, was March-April 2019. I was diagnosed with a slip disc (L4-L5). I was given two options – surgery or 3 to 4 weeks of complete bed rest. To make matters worse, my father was diagnosed with heart blocks and required bypass surgery. Me bedridden, and my father being in Mumbai, was a really difficult situation for me. In May 2019, I realised that I needed a holistic approach of lifestyle change to get out of the situation. This should be a longterm approach and not a piecemeal one. My wife, a runner and yoga practitioner herself, suggested me to connect to Navitae, as Ruma is a family friend of ours. After a couple of discussions, we started in the right earnest. The good part is that the key needs of my life – to be able to code and paint, without pain – were taken into consideration, while designing my program.

In June- July, 2019, we started initially by focussing on managing weight only, as slip-disc would require quite some time to heal. We started monitoring what I ate against a prescribed diet. The diet didn’t require me to starve, in fact, I was eating more, but the right things. During this period, I lost around 5 kgs.

In the later part of the journey, i.e, August to October, 2019, we started fitness training also, in addition to diet. Slowly, I gained strength in body, felt as if the back pain never existed. During this period, there were many visits to Mumbai and we also went on vacations, treacherous times while a fitness journey. Ruma and team helped me to cope up with the changes. I lost another 8 kgs during this time (13 kgs in total), but what I loved most was the strength and flexibility I felt in my body. From being unable to go for simple treks, now i am more than comfortable walking hours together, across terrains.

It is not to say that the journey was smooth, and that it was back pain free, but the constant support and pervious hard work helped me to come out of it faster and stronger.

A key take away for me, from Navitae, is the rigour needed in diet and workouts to get the desired results. Here experiencing is believing and we need coaches to help us realise that. Navitae team did just that for me. Shall remain grateful for that.

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