Sunil Kunte

Sunil Kunte

About Sunil

Sunil Kunte who is a mentor coach, was till recently the President of Fidelity Investments Global In-house Centres in India, where he worked for 15 years. Sunil has more than 3 decades of experience in Technology, business operations, general management, and nurturing talent. He is an Electrical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Apart from his exercise routines, Sunil’s hobbies are watercolours paintings, is an avid reader, and blogging. He is married to Deepa and has 2 children, Veer and Gayatri.

His Journey

“Exercise as a habit was set by my father as a non-negotiable rule, with a belief that the outcome would shape and build character. So much so that, regardless of exams or any critical assignments, my brother and me were booted out of the house in the evenings to play games and forbidden to return before sunset.

I religiously followed the mantra throughout my life. However, I defied the rule once in my life when I started my career in the urban surroundings of Mumbai. It was a high pressure sales job where I had to travel at a drop of a hat, very often by train as air travel was a privilege for senior officers. Time was always a constraint (sounds familiar?), and staying fit was becoming a challenge. Gyms and fitness centers were unheard of and the roads were just not conducive for running. That’s when a ‘fitness fanatic’ friend of mine introduced me to 5BX*, a 11 minute (yes only 11 minutes!) simple exercise routine scientifically designed for the fighter pilots of the Royal Canadian Air Force who needed to have 24 x 7 battle-ready endurance. The routine could be done by anyone, any age, anywhere, anytime! All one needed was determination to get started and sustain it! Starting this the very next day and keeping it up for years, I found this to be one of the best discoveries which helped me continue with my regime of daily exercise.

How Navitae Added Value

Couple of years back, I adopted Navitae’s fitness routines which has been thoughtfully designed to train every part of the body; interestingly, this can be done at home using body weight and limited equipment. In addition, my daily routines cover reiki, yoga, pranayama. All this complemented with a king’s breakfast, workman’s lunch, and a pauper’s dinner. And the occasional indulging rasgollas in vanilla icecream.

Stay fit.”



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