Swati Batra

Swati Batra

“Giving the world the best of you instead of what is left of you is Self-Care”.
I learnt this in last 2 months through my journey with Navitae. It was back then that I used to feel that I have limited to no time for myself and family, children, work and social commitments were always the priority. Self care was always neglected and the effect of that started to show up in my daily routine. I started to feel more tired, lethargic and exhausted. Even doing the daily chores had become challenging for me. I wanted to give more to every day, but my body was not supporting me.

The day I landed up in the hospital owing to a stomach pain, I decided to pause and look back to see what is that I was doing wrong. I decided to take the baby steps towards my goal of being fit…I knew what to do, but I did not know how to make it really work for me…I had done this before and had lost weight in the past. I had always been eating the healthy way, but somewhere it was not complete. I was not able to sustain it for long.
It was then that I happened to attend the master class on Women Health Masthers setup by Ruma. It was inspirational to listen to Ruma and during the session, I realized that I was not the only one facing these issues and there were many others like me who were going through and many who had overcome these challenges. I decided to join the starter kit program on Women Health Masthers with a hope to improve my health and become more fit and active.

There were doubts in the mind, but I had decided to give myself a priority this time…Soon, I started to realize that self-care and self-love is so important for you to give the best of you. Only when you are fit and happy, you can spread love and happiness.
Within two weeks of my joining the program and doing the minimal changes to my lifestyle, I lost 3 kgs. I still remember that day, when I had weighed myself again and again; I even made my family weigh themselves, as I thought that the weighing scale was not working properly…It is funny but the fact was that my eyes could not believe that I have lost weight! For me it was a reinforcing moment that I was on the right track. I decided to follow everything that was mentioned in the sessions.

It may sound little difficult in the beginning, but if you are committed to your goal and self-care, it becomes much easier. The pledge that we take every week and the goal card that we read every day, makes you remember that your health is the priority. The program is well structured aiming for your wellbeing and fitness. It is well designed for women like us who face similar challenges in this age group. The only key to sustain this for lifetime is to remind yourself every day that self-care is the only way you can be happy and spread happiness around. It has been two months since I have started, and I have lost 6 kgs. I am active; there are no body pains and I never find myself coming in the way of my to do list. Today, I am a happy working woman, a happy and active mother and a loving wife!!! The journey is on towards the goal of being a fitter and happier ME…
Thank you Ruma for all the inspirational videos, discussions and techniques that you have shared with us through the program and our weekly connects!!! It has been an amazing experience to have you as my coach and to be a part of a wonderful community where we share our experiences, thoughts and ideas. Though all of us have our individual goals, but the purpose is same. A HAPPY, HEALTHY and FIT LIFE through SELFCARE!

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