Devon Bhandary

Devon Bhandary

I was an Sportsperson during my childhood days and played Cricket as a Batsman cum Wicket keeper (did represent Kerala and then further South India in U-13 cricket matches). I was good at athletics too more in Sprints rather than endurance categories.

Most of this I left post College when I started to work due to long working hours plus travel time in Mumbai. From a fit and slim person during college days (about 60kgs) I ended up weighing 92 kgs in a span of 13 working years….excuse always being no time to work out or stay fit.

By this time I had moved to Bangalore and with some colleagues participated in the 10km category in the Midnight Marathon in 2012. This is when the importance of fitness dawned on me as I struggled to complete the run (had to walk many a times too to catch my breath). I then went on to run the Mumbai Half Marathon as a challenge to my body and mind and scrapped through the finish line in about 3 hrs.

At that stage I also enrolled in a diet plan to reduce weight by watching what I eat (or don’t eat) and I succeeded to bring it down to 80kgs in about 6 months.

I used to run very regularly then to stay in shape, took up Cycling purely as a Cross Training plan but started to enjoy that sport more and running went into the Cross Training plan…Joined a group of avid cyclists but realized that just losing weight wasn’t enough, I needed to further build my fitness to stay with the pack on the road as I would constantly get left behind.

This is where the inflection point in my fitness journey happened when I enrolled with Navitae.

With a combination of Diet given by Ruma, my regular cardio sessions of Cycling and Running and most importantly Strength exercises (which was something Ruma kept harping to me as the key to improving muscle with reduction of fat) which I used to do at home itself (as I was never the gym kind of person and Ruma helped in sharing Fitness workouts which could be done just about anywhere) in about 3 months, I further dropped 11kgs (I’m sub 70kgs now) but have seen a quantum leap in my fitness levels.

Just 2 weeks back I ran a 10km Marathon in Bangalore wherein I clocked my personal best timing of 55min 30sec shaving off 10 min from my earlier personal best which was as latest as 3 months back.

I also completed the Tour of Karnataka, a cycling journey of over 500kms over 4 days on a cycle with enough energy to have done another 2 days of riding.

Cheers to Navitae to have brought that transformation in my mind and body.

Happy new “Fitness” year to all those who want to make Fitness an integral part of their lives.