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Are you struggling with these Thyroid related issues?

Unwanted Weight Gain

Battling persistent weight gain despite efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle which is reducing your self confidence.

Low Energy Levels

Experiencing fatigue and lack of energy throughout the day affecting your home and work responsiblities.

Muscle and Joint pains

Facing aches and pain in the muscles and joints reducing your involvement in family fun activities.

Anxiety & Depression

Persistently feeling sad, hopeless and no interest in daily activities of life affecting your fullfilment with life.

If yes, then Ruma has

a message for you

What You’ll Learn Inside The Thyro-revive Workshop

Master the art of activating your body's natural healing powers to enhance thyroid function and facilitate weight loss.

Learn the critical importance of specific nutritional choices in supporting your thyroid health and weight management goals

Dive into the world of natural supplements and herbs that specifically benefit thyroid health and aid in shedding extra pounds

Discover effective, natural detox strategies tailored to boosting thyroid function and energizing your body.

Uncover the profound impact of the mind-thyroid connection and how positive mental health practices can improve your physical well-being.

Develop a gentle exercise strategy that supports thyroid health and weight loss without the need for intense gym sessions.

Get equipped with practical, easy-to-implement lifestyle changes that make healthy living and weight management achievable, even on the busiest schedule.

Who is this Workshop for?

35+ Women

35 to 60 is a crucial age for women. Learn which other hormones are interfering with each other and impacting your Thyroid health at this age.

Busy professionals

As a working professional you don't have time to cook separately for yourself and spend long hours at the gym. Learn the most effective way to manage your Thyroid naturally


As a homemaker you need to learn how to take care of your Thyroid health so you do not put your family in financial stress due to hospitalization and medical costs.

What If I tell You

I can guide you to reclaim your health with Our Revolutionary Thyroid and Weight Loss Method, Where:

Meet Your Mentor

Ruma Pal, Navitae (Certified Women's Fitness Coach)

Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Fitness Nutritionist, Women’s Fitness Specialist – ISSA, USA ; NASM, USA

17k+ Instagram Followers

10 Million + Views (Social Handles)

500+ Live Sessions

1 Lakh+ Students Trained

Exclusive Bonuses

Pre-workshop Thyroid guide

Know the implications of Hypothyroidism on your overall Health

Thyroid - Nutrient Profile

Micro-nutrient chart to balance your Thyroid Hormone naturally

7 day Exercise tracker

Start tracking your fitness journey to boost your Thyroid

Frequently Asked Questions

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The “2-Hour Thyro Revive Workshop” is a 2-Hour Live Value Packed Basic to Advance Workshop

Women above the age of 35 interested in improving their Hypothyroidism naturally, lose thyroid related weight and belly fat can benefit from this workshop.

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As soon as you pay for the workshop, we will email the pre-workshop Thyroid guide as soon as you make the payment. The rest of the bonuses will be delivered after you have completed the masterclass.

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