About Us

About Us
Navitae – provides healthful and holistic fitness solutions

Our Approach

Navitae in a beautiful union of Sanskrit and Latin signifies New Life. Navitae envisions to steer people and our society towards a healthy, fulfilled and dignified living. At Navitae, we believe whether 20 or 70, a fit and strong body is instrumental in achieving aspirations in professional and personal areas of life.

We aim to:

  • Provide holistic, safe and ethical personalised solutions towards a healthy and happy life to individuals.
  • Enhance the quality of human life through physical fitness. We endeavour to provide exercise programs, diet suggestions, instructions and counselling.
  • Enhance the ability of making the right diet and exercise choices through talks and workshops.

Our Story

Ruma, the founder of Navitae is a passionate fitness professional. In her corporate career of 15 years she witnessed that professionals are struggling to remain fit. Post retirement, people have time to pursue aspirations but they are laden with health issues.

Now, Ruma has committed herself to spread quality living, fullfillment in life through proper recommendation on exercises, activities and diet.

Meet Ruma

Founder and Fitness consultant, Navitae

Meet Ruma

Founder and Fitness consultant, Navitae

Ruma is a mother of 2 boys, Kathak dancer and a passionate fitness professional. Prior to Navitae, she managed an intense corporate career for 15 years, while managing home and maintaining a very fit and active life.

Ruma believes that individuals want to be fit but lack proper guidance and holistic suggestions.

Ruma has helped people to manage their ideal weight, build strength and gain fitness over years. She has helped people regain fitness post their pregnancy. She also helps to develop Sport Specific fitness. Her solutions are based on individual assessment and are personalised. She primarily focuses on individual goals and client satisfaction.

Navitae team

Meet Dan

Manager – Fitness Operations, Navitae

Dan has been in the Fitness industry for 18+ years as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager and an Entrepreneur in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. He holds an ACSM, USA certification and a P.G Diploma in Fitness Management from Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune. At Navitae, he is responsible for managing the Fitness team. When not at work, Dan loves to workout and spend quality time with his family and a few close friends.

Meet Deepa

Diet and Nutrition consultant, Navitae

Deepa holds a Masters Degree in Dietetics and food service management from Bangalore University. She comes with 15+ years of experience in promoting healthy eating through nutritional counselling and education, in India and abroad. She has worked with leading institutions for various population categories spanning multiple nutritional areas like lifestyle management, diabetes and child health.

Meet Sam

Group Fitness Instructor, Navitae

Sam is a certified group and personal trainer with over 8 years of experience adept in managing group sessions. He is skilled in organizing and driving highly engaging and energized sessions while ensuring close attention to each participating member. Sam believes in all aspects of fitness and actively participates in Trekking, Yoga, Meditation, Swimming, Traveling, Sports.

Meet Puneeth

Physical fitness consultant, Navitae

Puneeth is a Certified Personal Trainer with 5+ years’ experience with a background of working in the health and Fitness industry. He is passionate about keeping himself up to date with the latest Fitness and health research and developments. Puneeth is  talented at 1-on-1 personal training, group Fitness instruction and adept in meeting clients’ goals and ambitions.