Knowledgeable & Expert coach

Holistic fitness coaching by a knowledgeable expert

Personalized plan

Your fitness plan is created keeping your goals in mind

Carry your fitness with you

Digitally delivered solutions keeping your flexibility in mind

Navitae presents

Fitness Anytime Anywhere

Fitness Anytime Anywhere brings knowledge driven, expert fitness coaching at a location and time of your convenience. We offer you fitness without being dependent on fitness centers.

Save travel time
to fitness centers

We understand your time is precious to spend in traffic and hence we bring your fitness solution to you.

No special
equipment needed

All you need to remain fit is your own body. We recommend body weight exercises as they are safe and will keep you injury free.

Connected to
your Coach

Your diet consultation and exercise instructions provided over Skype, WhatsApp and phone and Trainerize mobile app.

Be assured

We recommend only healthful approach to fitness. We do not recommend pills, long hours of fasting, liquid diets or any other fads.

We recommend exercising with body weights. Body weight exercises are safe and will keep you injury free.

Proper techniques will be demonstrated for you to perform the exercises correctly.

Enrollment Process




Ongoing coaching,
monitoring and consultation
with your coach

Meet Your Instructor


Ruma is a mother of 2 grown up boys, a Kathak dancer and a passionate fitness professional. She has been practicing fitness for 23 years while managing an intense corporate career and her family.

Ruma believes in fitness to enhance health.

Ruma has helped people manage their ideal weight and build strength and stamina. She has also helped people regain fitness post pregnancy. She has helped Silver women remain fit and feel good about themselves. She is certified from International Sports and Sciences academy (ISSA) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She specializes in enhancing health through fitness and women’s

Ruma is the recipient of Times SheUnLTD Rising Star award by Times of India.

Real People . Real Results

Customer Testimonials


Juliana Seth

My goal was to take my thyroid levels to normal by November 2021, however by following the Healthmastery course, I could bring it under control by August 2021. Read More

Anjali Kochar

I feel energetic throughout the day and big improvement in my digestion. The exercise routine gives me the strength and keeps me active. Read More

Adi Sankari

I was so surprised at the start when I realized that I just had to start eating healthy and not reduce the quantity of intake. Stopping Milk and Sugar was the biggest challenge but once… Read More

Latha Shanmugam

I was struggling to reduce even 500gms,now I reduced totally around 4.8kgs and 5.5 inches from my waistline. Though I reduced around 1 kg from starter kit,I benefitted a lot from accelerator kit. Looking forward… Read More

Swati Batra

The only key to sustain this for lifetime is to remind yourself every day that self-care is the only way you can be happy and spread happiness around. It has been two months since I… Read More

Prathima Venkatesh

My weight has reduced by 3 kilos and more importantly, I feel very cheerful and more energetic throughout the day. The part that I most look forward to is my regular exercise regimen that has… Read More

Esha Mookerjee

With the right kind of diet and the right type of exercising, at the end of 3 months, I had lost 4.5 kgs and also bade goodbye to my abdominal fat. I now feel lighter… Read More

Manju Jain

Another magic which happened was unbelievable reduction in my waist line. All thanks to Ruma, she is always there to motivate us by giving time to time suggestions, so that we can achieve our goals. Read More

Shruti Acharya

I have more energy. I can dance, I can play with my children, I became a better mother and of course a better spouse. I also lost weight as well as inches. Read More

Meetu Khattar

In the initial weeks building my exercise routine, leaving rice and sugar was a big challenge for me. But through the support of the community and Ruma I was able to overcome my challenges in… Read More

Vanita Srinivasan

I could never have got back on the road to a fitter self on my own. What impresses me most, is the gentle, yet firm pace of the programme that is customised to my needs,… Read More

Vivienne Vidyasagar

The journey since 6 months has ensured I have never experienced Virtigo again and i know slowly and surely with Navitae's booster diets and constant mentoring i will reach my target weight. Read More

Ammu Rajendran

Today, I love my body, I feel great, I look good, I have more energy than ever to engage with life and I feel like the younger version of myself when I look at myself… Read More

Balakishore Kollabathula

The most important lesson I have learned in this program is not just how to lose weight but how to maintain the weight as well. We will have vacation days and rich meals on occasions… Read More

MG and Gauri

MG got relief from sleep apnoea and deep snoring. Gauri was able to build strong muscles and bones. Read More

Tuhina Vijay

When I first started out 3 months ago I was really surprised by how I never felt tired at the end of each exercise but actually energized mentally and physically. Not only was I able… Read More

Aarti Veernala

The goal when I joined this program was weight loss- to get to a BMI of 23. I gave myself 6 months to achieve this and this target was met in 5 months. I lost… Read More

Samir Ladak

Her knowledge coupled with the plain speak of her observations married with scientific logic just blew me over and helped me improve my exercise efficiency ratio. Read More

Dr B R Hariharan

I could see a marked improvement in my overall fitness and my running pace has also improved. I do my virtual half marathon every week. Read More

Dipak Kumar Sen

I lost 10kgs in 1.5 months. I have also bid adieu to my knee pain and sugar medicines as well! Read More

Aruna Shankar K

No frills, no fancy equipment ,very much "AT HOME" workouts and so much fun to participate in the weekend challenges along with other Navitae members, fitness enthusiasts. Read More

Anand Bala

With Navitae's personalized diet and exercise program my blood pressure became normal and weight reduced by 15 Kgs in less than 2 months. Read More

Partha Desarkar

Navitae’s diet plan has helped me lose 18 kgs in 12 months and my strength and fitness at the age of 57 is a good example for the younger crowd that generally throng the gyms..… Read More

Abhishek Prabhu

Within 6 months of Navitae's program, I improved my knee mobility, leg strength and can now run 10 Kms. Read More

Parna Bhattacharya

Less than 3 months into the program, I’m happy that I have met my goals of healthy Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels are met. Read More

Moutushi Ghoshdeysarkar

I lost 4kgs, fitness levels have drastically increased and my mood is always in its pink. The journey has just begun and will go a long way. Read More

Sherin Abraham

Fitness and weight loss were two things which had never crossed my mind till last year. I lost almost 10-12 kg in 6 months and I feel very great about it. What stood out was… Read More

Anthony Joseph

His fitness and passionate pursuit of football matches guides his strategic planning in the boardroom as well in various walks of his life. Read More

Pradosh Nair

After my tryst with slip disc, I wanted to regain my strength and flexibility back while losing some weight. Navitae's holistic and personalized approach helped me achieve that. Read More

Susan Joseph

I opted for muscle strengthening exercises from Navitae to get relief from Osteoarthritis and Spondylitis. It had a tremendous impact on my physical and mental well being. Read More


After my Aortic Valve Surgery, I tried many things. Finally, the flexible solutions from Navitae worked for me. Read More


I have been been with the Navitae program for 8 months and have lost 7 kgs. I feel great to have achieved a great deal of fitness, and being considered an inspiration by my child… Read More

navitae fitness customer reviews online


Not only did I lose weight, I also gained energy and felt great. Even better, my cardiologist was impressed that my BP was consistently under control for last 4 months. Read More

navitae customer reviews


About Me: I am Praveena, a career woman, mother of 2 children and an aspiring Bharatnaytam dancer. Arangetram was my dream. My journey: Performing an Arangetram needs practice, stamina and strength of the legs. At… Read More

Aparna Rao

I am Aparna.. wife, mother,working professional ( how good is debatable) but do try my best to be a good person- true to myself- most times Being an Indian Army officer’s daughter being fit and… Read More

Deepa Kunte

Personally, after doing the exercises for 8 months now I have lost inches around the waist and abdomen which years of gym-ing failed to achieve. Scientifically put with a little input one gets a lot… Read More

Devon Bhandary

I was an Sportsperson during my childhood days and played Cricket as a Batsman cum Wicket keeper (did represent Kerala and then further South India in U-13 cricket matches). I was good at athletics too… Read More

Dr. Ipsita Sapra

From an impulsive “I want to lose weight” to a sensible “I want to lose weight to feel better ” my fitness journey has evolved over time. As a University teacher, a single child and… Read More

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