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U – Inspire
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Story of Moutushi

I lost 4kgs, fitness levels have drastically increased and my mood is always in its pink. The journey has just begun and will go a long way.Read More

Sherin Abraham

Fitness and weight loss were two things which had never crossed my mind till last year. I lost almost 10-12 kg in 6 months and I feel very great about it. What stood out was the support and motivation provided throughout. Read More

Anthony Joseph

His fitness and passionate pursuit of football matches guides his strategic planning in the boardroom as well in various walks of his life.Read More

Pradosh Nair

After my tryst with slip disc, I wanted to regain my strength and flexibility back while losing some weight. Navitae's holistic and personalized approach helped me achieve that.Read More


I opted for muscle strengthening exercises from Navitae to get relief from Osteoarthritis and Spondylitis. It had a tremendous impact on my physical and mental well being. Read More


After my Aortic Valve Surgery, I tried many things. Finally, the flexible solutions from Navitae worked for me.Read More


I have been been with the Navitae program for 8 months and have lost 7 kgs. I feel great to have achieved a great deal of fitness, and being considered an inspiration by my child and many girls younger than me. Read More

Sunil Kunte

Sunil is fitter and healthier than most people half his age. Please read his story here .. "Couple of years back, I adopted Navitae’s fitness routines which has been thoughtfully designed to train every part of the body; interestingly, this can be done at home using body weight and limited equipment..."Read More

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Not only did I lose weight, I also gained energy and felt great. Even better, my cardiologist was impressed that my BP was consistently under control for last 4 months.Read More

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About Me: I am Praveena, a career woman, mother of 2 children and an aspiring Bharatnaytam dancer. Arangetram was my dream. My journey: Performing an Arangetram needs practice, stamina and strength of the legs. At the same time I wanted to lose some weight to be in a healthy weight range and avoid any healthRead more about Praveena Read More ->Read More