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U – Inspire
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Pradosh’s Fitness Story

Pradosh is a passionate programmer by profession and an excellent artist, by choice. Read More


I opted for muscle strengthening exercises from Navitae to get relief from Osteoarthritis and Spondylitis. It had a tremendous impact on my physical and mental well being. Read More


After my Aortic Valve Surgery, I tried many things. Finally, the flexible solutions from Navitae worked for me.Read More


I have been been with the Navitae program for 8 months and have lost 7 kgs. I feel great to have achieved a great deal of fitness, and being considered an inspiration by my child and many girls younger than me. Read More

Sunil Kunte

Sunil is fitter and healthier than most people half his age. Please read his story here .. "Couple of years back, I adopted Navitae’s fitness routines which has been thoughtfully designed to train every part of the body; interestingly, this can be done at home using body weight and limited equipment..."Read More

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Not only did I lose weight, I also gained energy and felt great. Even better, my cardiologist was impressed that my BP was consistently under control for last 4 months.Read More

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About Me: I am Praveena, a career woman, mother of 2 children and an aspiring Bharatnaytam dancer. Arangetram was my dream. My journey: Performing an Arangetram needs practice, stamina and strength of the legs. At the same time I wanted to lose some weight to be in a healthy weight range and avoid any healthRead more about Praveena Read More ->Read More

Aparna Rao

I am Aparna.. wife, mother,working professional ( how good is debatable) but do try my best to be a good person- true to myself- most times Being an Indian Army officer’s daughter being fit and active was a part of life as a child -was a sportsperson throughout school and college- truly enjoyed running , swimming and dancing.Read More

Deepa Kunte

Personally, after doing the exercises for 8 months now I have lost inches around the waist and abdomen which years of gym-ing failed to achieve. Scientifically put with a little input one gets a lot in terms of output. Gone are those days of commuting to the gym, exerting and coming back feeling exhausted.Read More

Devon Bhandary

I was an Sportsperson during my childhood days and played Cricket as a Batsman cum Wicket keeper (did represent Kerala and then further South India in U-13 cricket matches). I was good at athletics too more in Sprints rather than endurance categories.Read More