• We conduct your complete fitness and lifestyle assessment.
  • Based on the assessment data, our expert coach creates a personalized Nutrition and Exercise program to assist in your goals.
  • Timely updates to the nutrition plan and exercises are provided.
  • Your coach will be with you through your journey to motivate you, assist you and guide you in every step of your progress.
  • Guess what?! it is Online, so you can be anywhere to access this program. Once we create your program, we will provide you access to mobile app for Exercise instruction, tracking and monitoring.

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If your weight lies outside the BMI range of 18-23, then this is the plan for you.

Boost your self esteem and health by keeping your weight in the right weight range. This plan offers a combination of right diet and exercises that will help you reach your goals. Your coach will monitor you daily for adherence to recommended plan and to build your motivation.

Only healthful approach to losing weight is assured through balanced diet, portion control, exercise, water intake and adequate sleep. No pills or fad diets or other unhealthy means of losing weight is encouraged or recommended.

Included in the plan:

  1. Initial fitness and lifestyle assessment.
  2. Daily whatsapp support.
  3. Time to time updates to diet and exercises.
  4. Weekly phone or video call (pre-scheduled).
  5. Access to mobile app for Exercise instruction, tracking and monitoring.