What is it that helps an ideal weight loss plan?

What is it that helps an ideal weight loss plan? The right diet alongwith the correct exercises, combined with a list of beneficial supplements.However,the quantity and type of supplements vary from person to person. The only absolute recommendation for a person trying to lose weight, is to take antioxidants. The role of antioxidants in weight […]

Supplements – are they really needed?

Different brands, attractive packaging, available everywhere..supplements have become so accessible and so much a part of our life that sometimes we just consume it without discussing with our health care practitioners. Indians are increasingly growing reliant on supplements. Indian supplements market is seeing a steady increase. Supplements are needed if one does not get enough […]

Why walking is not an exercise.

Are you one of those people who walk everyday and think you are exercising? Many people in India walk everyday and think they are exercising. If so, then you need to read this carefully. Walking is needed for an active lifestyle and it is basic but it cannot be considered as an exercise. 1. Walking […]