Why is resting heart rate important?

Speaking about cardio vascular fitness, resting heart rate is one of the measures of a conditioned and healthy heart. Resting heart is what it says it is. Your heart rate at rest. Heart Rate is the number of times the heart beats in a minute. Heart beats to pump blood into our body. Blood transport […]

Which kind of exercise is right for you?

Often people ask me – “I run, is that enough?” or “I do Yoga, is that enough?” or “I do Zumba, is that enough?” Most of us develop liking for some variety or form of exercises and we continue to do that as it gives us pleasure and a feeling of accomplishment. Something is much […]

Question: Do ab crunches help to get flat abs?

Growing waistline with age is a common concern. People looking to reduce their waistline often look up abdominal exercises thinking it will help them get flat abs. It’s frustrating when they put in insane amount of hard work and see no results. Let’s understand this a little more. Abdominal fat is of 2 kinds : […]

Which is more effective for weight loss – Diet or Exercise?

Most weight loss programs address weightloss only through diet. Most of the literature we come across says – it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. Nutrition is indeed an important factor in bringing weight under control. But exercising is an absolute must for weight loss and maintenance. To understand weight loss or weight gain it is […]

Role of nutrients/supplements in weight loss

In most cases healthy weight loss can be achieved by right diet along with the correct exercises, combined with a list of beneficial supplements. However,the quantity and type of supplements vary from person to person. However many people struggle with weight loss even after following a very healthy lifestyle. Weight loss depends on your age, […]

All about supplements pt 2 – Timing the supplements

In the previous post, we talked about the need of supplements and the safety measures to adopt with supplements.  We will cover timing the supplements in this post. To everything there is a season, and a time, to every purpose. Likewise, the nutrients should also be consumed at the right time, for optimum results. Most […]