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Manju Jain

Manju lost 24 kgs, got relief from stress, has influenced her family towards health and with good health was able to start a boutique which was her dream.

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Dimple Sakhrani

Dimple lost 16.5 kgs in 7 months. Finds it easier to climb stairs, easier to get up from floor and has loves the community engagement.

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Suma K

I lost weight, got rid of back pain and periods became regular. I am a happier person as my health and weight improved.

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Latha Shanmugham

I were able to overcome back pain and Plantar Fascitis, became more youthful and energetic. Because of me, my family also became healthier. I am a happier person now.

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Shruti Acharya

I improved my health,relationships and also positively influenced my family. I was able to reduce Hypothyroidism, pre-diabetes and cholesterol as well. The journey was not just about weight loss, it was about my inner transformation where I gained my confidence and self esteem back.

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