U – Inspire

U – Inspire
Real People . Real Results

Suma K

I lost weight, got rid of back pain and periods became regular. I am a happier person as my health and weight improved. Read More

Latha Shanmugham

I were able to overcome back pain and Plantar Fascitis, became more youthful and energetic. Because of me, my family also became healthier. I am a happier person now.Read More

Vanita Srinivasan

I became fitter and happier and lost 11 kgs in 7 months in the process.Read More

Shruti Acharya

I improved my health,relationships and also positively influenced my family. I was able to reduce Hypothyroidism, pre-diabetes and cholesterol as well. The journey was not just about weight loss, it was about my inner transformation where I gained my confidence and self esteem back.Read More

Manju Jain

I lost 11 kgs in 6 months healthfully - no fad diets, no supplements, no liquid diets and no starvation. Just through proper nutrition habits, regular exercise regime, stress management, sleep and water. I got relief from migraine and stress. There is no sagging of body, feels tight and firm, has been able to make more time for myself by learning delegation and assertiveness in the program.Read More

Sanchaita Dwivedi

Lost 18 kgs in 8 months despite hypothyroidismRead More

Arathi Dinesh

I manage home and work while excelling in my health. I found the strategies easy and flexible to follow. With a firm Mindset and support of my family, I was able to achieve this admirable feat. I got relief from knee pain, back pain. Now I also feel more confident to go shopping and meeting my friends.Read More

Gaurav Bhalla

Not just lost weight but gained a lot of health. Family is now more active and is a happier father. Read More