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Health Coach, Navitae

Latha Shanmugam

Latha Shanmugham, a 48-year-old entrepreneur, holds a B.E. in CSE and an M.Tech in IT. She develops websites and software and is currently undergoing health coach training at Navitae. Driven by a desire to solve problems and help others, she aims to use her skills and knowledge to support people in achieving better health and financial independence.

Health Coach, Navitae


Firdouse, from Hyderabad, holds a BSc Nursing and a Diploma in Nursing Administration. She currently works as an Administrator at Osmania Medical College. Motivated by her personal challenges, she aims to empower women to prioritize self-love and self-care. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge as a health coach, helping women become stronger, fitter, and more independent.

Health Coach, Navitae

Dr Mounika

Dr. Mounika, an MD in Homoeopathy and a Psychology Counsellor, practices at her private clinic, Dr. Mounika’s Happy Homoeo Life in Hyderabad. She is passionate about providing holistic health solutions and aims to impact people’s lives through her compassionate and authentic approach. With her expertise, she strives to be a role model and inspire others to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Health Coach, Navitae

Preena Anup

Preena Anup, a 48-year-old mother of two, has a B.Tech in EEE. After 15 years as a homemaker, she started working as an Associate IT Consultant and is now training to become a health coach. She finds a sense of purpose and satisfaction in helping others improve their health and well-being, using her experience to guide them on their wellness journeys.

Health Coach, Navitae


Ramadevi, from Bangalore, holds a B.Com and works as an HR in a corporate company. Married with two kids, she is motivated to influence people towards a healthy lifestyle. As a health coach, she aims to help others overcome their health issues and achieve better well-being, drawing from her own experiences and professional background.

Health Coach, Navitae

Radhika Dharangutti

Radhika Dharangutti, originally from Goa and now settled in Hyderabad, has a B.Sc. in Biotechnology. She has worked in a bank for 16 years and is now a health coach with Navitae. Overcoming her own health challenges, she is dedicated to helping women and children achieve better health and happiness, using her personal transformation journey to inspire others.

Health Coach, Navitae

Rohini Vasanthkumar

Rohini Vasanthkumar, with a BSc in CBZ, transitioned from homemaking to managing apartment administration and her husband’s office finances. She has a 23-year-old son pursuing CA. As a health coach, she focuses on helping women balance work-life and prioritize their health, using her experience to impact the lives of women struggling with similar challenges.

Health Coach, Navitae

Dr. Samikshya

Dr. Samikshya, an MD in Pathology from Rajiv Gandhi University, has been a practicing consultant in top diagnostic labs in Bangalore for 10 years. She successfully reversed her mother’s diabetes and improved her health, inspiring her to become a health coach. She aims to help other mothers in the community achieve better health, using her medical expertise and personal experience.

Health Coach, Navitae


Yasmeen Taj, a housewife with a graduation and cabin crew training, shifted her focus to health and fitness after 18 years of marriage. Living in an orthodox family, she found a transformative platform in Navitae, thanks to Ruma’s guidance. Yasmeen is dedicated to improving herself and helping others achieve their health goals, embracing the drastic positive changes in her life.

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