3 options to build lean muscle mass

In the prior post, I explained the importance of muscles. If you have read the prior post and you are reading this now, then I am sure you are convinced that building muscles is important for overall health and wellbeing.

You may still be struggling to understand how to build muscles. Do you need to go to the gym? Do you need equipment? How can you keep it simple?

There are many ways to build muscles. I will explain 3 popular ways of building muscles.

1. Gym based exercises with dumbbells, free weights and machines: This is ideal for people who have access to Gym and like to exercise with dumbbells and free weights. This is one way of building strength. It means sharing equipment with people and getting in close contact with people. Gyms usually charge a membership fee. The equipment are expensive and can be unaffordable for many to purchase for personal and home use.

Free Weights often change the centre of gravity of the body making us susceptible to injury. Posture and form becomes extremely critical to reduce the risk of injury while using free weights. Free weights put pressure on the joint depending upon how they are being held.

On the positive side, the equipment based exercises bring in more variety in the workouts. You can target small and large muscle groups with compound and isolation movements. You can up or lower the intensity by just stacking up and stacking down the weights.

2. Resistance tube exercises : Resistance bands are safe, joint friendly and a great way to build strength during rehabilitation. They are cheap, light and portable. Their portability makes them an excellent choice for professionals who travel frequently.

3. Body weight exercises: On the average Indians carry about 60 kgs in body weight. You can lift your own body weight to build your strength. It is always accessible, it is portable and it is safe. Unlike free weights, with body weight the center of gravity is always at the same point. When center of gravity is stable, you will be stable which reduces the risk for injury. When using bodyweight, you will not be dependent on Gym or expensive and complicated equipment. You can exercise at home or while traveling. Body weight exercises provide the maximum benefit in terms of location and time of exercises.

Overweight people may find it difficult to lift their own bodyweight. They may lack the flexibility, mobility to be able to attain the full range of motion with few exercises. In this case, they may want to consult a professional who can design appropriate exercise routines for them.

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