4 ways to say good bye to your back pain – 1

For people in sedentary jobs which require sitting for long hours at their computers, laptops or even long hours of driving, back pain is a very common occurrence. Back pain is annoying, frustrating and restricts us from doing a lot of things. Simply put, back pain can limit us from reaching our potential.

Here are some ways by which you can manage back pain:

  1. Several muscles cross the front of the hip and create hip flexion, pulling the thigh and trunk toward each other. Primary though not all the muscles involved in helping us sit are the quadriceps(thighs), iliacus and the psoas (lie deep in the back of the abdomen.) Prolonged hours of sitting tightens the hip flexors, which can lead to back pain. So while at work, switch between walking, standing and sitting. Also do hip flexor stretching on a regular basis. More on this in the upcoming posts.
  2. Not just sitting, but sitting with a wrong posture puts stress on your spine. Over time this stress can lead to anatomical changes in your spine, in turn provoking back pain through the constriction of your blood vessels and nerves. In addition, the stress from poor posture can lead to back pain by causing problems with your muscles, discs, and joints. Maintain a good sitting posture – Use a chair with lumbar support. Ensure that while sitting as well, you maintain the S curve of the spine. More on standing and sitting posture in the upcoming posts.
  3. Being overweight puts strain on your back. Work towards reducing your body weight with a healthy lifestyle – nutritious food and regular exercise.
  4. Weak core and weak back muscles lead to many different kinds of injury and pain. Back pain being one of them. In order to recover from a back injury or manage your back pain, follow core and back strengthening exercises followed by stretching.

We at Navitae believe that you can take control of your life by being fit. Please follow this section #ManagebackpainWithNavitae for the stretches, sitting and standing posture to manage and eliminate back pain.

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay happy!


Please note: The advice in this post does not overrule or replace any medical advice. Before starting on any exercise program please consult a doctor and a certified fitness professional.


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