Are you over training/exercising?

A good recipe for weight loss is always a combination of diet and exercise. You can not do one without the other and still expect a great result in terms of weight loss and health gain.

In general I see most people get very less exercise. This article is for those who are obsessed with more.

I don’t blame them; I have seen it happen to me. After a good workout session, I feel in control of myself, my time because the rest of day is in control of others – maids, children, team, clients. Being addicted has happened to me and I get it when I hear it from others.

Strenuous exercises release chemicals that kill pain and give a temporary feeling of happiness. This was one thing I depended on very heavily when I was going through post partum depression. Just an hour of exercising could boost my happiness.

One thing to remember, Exercising of any form is a stressor. Usually a good one but it causes stress. When overdone without proper recovery, you can drive your body towards damage. Think of a car you continue to just fill fuel and make it run, run, run without rest.

We strain. We stress. We shut down. And break down.

If that happens with exercise – you may find your connective tissues weakening, trouble sleeping, sudden dips and rises in blood sugar levels and much more.

The key here is to balance the stress caused by exercise with recovery. The right amount of exercise, at the right intensity, and the right time to see the kind of results we want to:
Few things to remember:
1. Do 5-6 hours of high intensity exercise per week and be active throughout the day
2. Do not exercise within 1-1/2 hours of your bed time to ensure peaceful sleep
3. Take 1 day off from your exercises per week
4. Sleep – During sleep is when our body recovers. Minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep is a must
If you follow these you will be able to achieve your outcome, whether fat loss or lean mass gain or improving your health indicators – blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid.

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Stay fit, stay healthy and stay happy!
– Ruma Pal, Health & Fitness coach @Navitae


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