“Fitness Anytime Anywhere” is the flagship program of Navitae. It enables people to remain fit in their own terms. This program gives people the flexibility to chose their time and location for fitness.

This program offers personalised, knowledge-based fitness plan. Each fitness plan is created keeping individual’s goals, current fitness level, body type, existing ailments and lifestyle in mind.


  1. How does this work?
    • Navitae will provide a personalised DIY(Do-It-Yourself) fitness plan with adequate guidance. Fitness plan will include exercise and/or diet. The fitness program will take away the need to go to fitness centre for fitness need. The exercises will be body-weight exercises targeting to enhance flexibility, strength and stamina.The regular touch-points will drive motivation, assessing progress, corrections to plan as needed and mental support towards adherence. The regular touch points will also serve as a mechanism for feedback. The regular touch points will ensure better success of achieving the fitness goal.
  2. How do I know this plan is right for me?
    • A holistic fitness plan will be provided based on the first assessment. The assessment data will help formation of a personalised plan which will take into consideration your body type, age, gender, prior medical history.
  3. What kind of exercises will I be required to do?
    • The exercises aim to increase your stamina, flexibility, strength, balance and improve your posture. So the plan will include cardio vascular exercises, strengthening using body weight, balance exercises and stretches for improving flexibility. The intensity or level of exercises will be decided by me based on the assessment data.
  4. How will I know if I am doing it right?
    • You will be provided with posture information, video demonstration of the exercises using which you will be able to perform the exercises correctly.
  5. What will happen if I injure myself?
    • The exercises are safe and very less risk of injuring yourself as they are based on your own body-weight. Though chances are very less, injury can happen anytime. In case it happens, stop exercising immediately and get in touch with Ruma.
  6. How will you monitor progress?
    • I will collect information on regular basis  with your feedback on exercises and the adherence to diet. In case of exercises, you will need to send videos of few sample exercises I will ask you to do for assessment. Based on these data, I will be able to monitor your progress and provide you an updated fitness plan.
  7. When can I start seeing results?
    • Fitness is long term investment. Results are different for different people based on body-type, age, gender, metabolic rate etc. On the average, people perceive improvement in their level of fitness between 1-3 months.
  8. How frequently will we meet face to face?
    • Depending on the plan you select, we will meet Once a Month or Fortnightly or Weekly.
  9. Where will we meet?
    • People residing outside of Bangalore will be able to meet over Skype or Phonewhatsapp.
    • Bangalore residents can opt to meet at the following locations:
      • Prestige St. Johns Woods
      • Commune Centre in Koramangala.
  10. Do I need to pay you for the meetings?
    • Meetings over Skype and Phone are included in the plan. In case of in person meeting the hourly charges will apply.
  11. Why should I do this method of fitness and not face to face with somebody local?
    • Because you are looking for specialised guidance on fitness that is personalised for you.
    • Because you may not want to be restricted to timings offered by the gym or timings offered by the local trainer. Because you want flexibility.
    • Because you do not want to spend a significant time in traffic to reach a fitness centre.
    • Because you want to remain fit while you are travelling.
  12. Why should I enrol with you?
    • I am a certified Personal Trainer from ISSA, U.S.A and Women’s fitness specialist from NASM, U.S.A.
    • I am into fitness for the last 21 years.
    • I have helped many people lead a healthy and fit life. Please take a moment to read the testimonials at www.facebook.com/navitae.
  13. Have you coached anybody like this in the past? How did it go?
    • I have clients who are in Fitness Anytime Anywhere program with me. It includes
      1. Young mothers who do not have time to visit fitness centres and who need specialised guidance based on their recent life event.
      2. Includes people who like to exercise on their own terms – at their own time and at their preferred location
      3. Includes executives who travel for work and often do not have access to fitness centre or do not have time to beat traffic to be at the gym.

Each of these clients have seen positive changes after enrolling into this plan. The plan is very successful so far.