Common mistakes people make with pushups

Push up is one of my favorite exercises. Push ups build shoulder, arm, chest and core strength and if one lacks strength in any of these muscles, pushups become difficult to do. People also consider the number of pushups they can do as a benchmark of their fitness.

Many people struggle with push ups especially women as their upper body strength is lower compared to men. It took me more than a year to start doing pushups right – with proper form and with full range of motion.

While working with people I notice that there are some common mistakes people make which can eventually lead to pain and injury. I will cover some of them here:

Mistake 1:
Many people position their palms in line with their shoulders and this can cause pressure on the shoulders which can lead to pain or injury. You can watch this video to see the correct placement of your palms while doing pushups.

Mistake 2:
Many people sway their back while doing pushups. This puts pressure on the back and happens because back tries to compensate for the lack of arm strength. Watch this video to see how to move your elbows and keep your back steady during a push up to avoid back pain and injury. This video also demonstrates how to build arm strength to do push ups the right way,

3. Mistake 3:

Another common thing we notice is that people raise their hips while doing a pushup.  This makes the pushup less effective and one does not get the expected benefits from pushup. In this video, I will cover the proper form of doing a pushup.

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