Fitness Anytime Anywhere :: How to stay fit while travelling

Every year during my children’s vacation we either travel to our home town to meet with our parents and relatives or travel to a tourist destination. I look forward to these travels. These vacation trips are great to bond with family and friends. If not that, then it gives me a great opportunity to explore new and exciting places, get to know different cultures and taste different cuisines.

However, pampered by parents and relatives, eating healthy and maintaining an exercise regime becomes a problem.

Exercising during travel is very important. The long hours of sitting at the airport or station, in the flight or train or car, can wreak havoc on our back, coupled with tasty food high in fat and simple carbohydrate, can cause some good blow to the overall health. And a sluggish week follows once we are back to base. Exercising during this time helps to deal with the impact of traveling by improving digestion, keeping you active and feeling fresh.

The challenge most people face is getting a place and time to exercise. Well what I figured, it only takes me 30 mins for a good workout. To make it more exciting, I wake up half an hour earlier than the rest of the family and go for a run in the neighbourhood. And if I don’t have the luxury of time, I try to find a place where I can move around a bit like either the terrace or my room itself.  A sample full body workout without any equipment which gives both strength and endurance benefits:

12 shoulder press push ups, 1 min plank, 12 elevated push ups, 12 burpees, 12 Squats, 12 one leg glute bridge, 12 calf raises, 12 jumping jacks. Stretches.

I believe, encourage and recommend fitness anytime anywhere, which does not need gym or any equipment, uses my body weight to make me fitter and gives me the flexibility to chose my location and time of exercise.

With regards to food, I try packing almonds, walnuts, roasted peanuts, roasted chana, muesli with me when I travel. They serve as great snack when I am hungry having to rely less on unhealthy options while I am out. Bowl of curd and fruits are usually available if one wants to avoid snacking on high sugar, high fat options. When eating out, the steamed and the grilled varieties are better.

I have adopted these workarounds for my travel days. Does it sound simple and do-able? What are your hacks to remain fit while travelling? Would love to hear yours.


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