In the previous episode, we spoke about Neuropeptide Y. Here, we will be talking about GLP-1.

#7 Glucagon Like Peptide – 1 (GLP-1)

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is a hormone produced in your gut when nutrients enter the intestines.Researchers believe the decrease in appetite that occurs immediately after weight loss surgery is partly due to increased production of GLP-1.

In one study, men who were given a GLP-1 solution with breakfast reported feeling more satisfied and ended up eating 12% fewer calories at lunch.

Steps to increase GLP-1 are as follows :

#1 Eat plenty of protein

#2 Eat anti-inflammatory food

#3 Eat leafy greens

#4 Have probiotics

Do you want to know about one more satiety hormone?
Do you want to know a hormone which makes you feel full and help you to eat moderately?

Stay tuned. More exciting information coming up..


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