Healthy or Unhealthy?

With all the information we get through the media…..we are at loss as to what we should or shouldn’t eat. I have simplified the task. All foods fill us when we consume them. Some elevate our moods, make us happy. But does it have any other value? Let’s check out some common foods-

White bread – disaster for those who consume it on a regular basis. Has no health benefits other than giving energy- calories. High GI. Not for diabetics, obese or for constipation.

Deep fried foods- fried foods absorb a lot of salt and oil  which is not good for our health. Extra calories and sodium, also trans fat. So unless it’s a snack for a growing child or an occasional treat- best avoided.

Frozen meal- frozen meal is something which may contain certain bacteria if not properly thawed. Food safety hazard. So if your quest is to have a quick bite between work or on a busy day, homemade khichdi, an omelette or a soupy noodle is better.

Canned vegetables- these have more preservatives and emulsifiers than nutrients. Best avoided. If you want to save time on pre preparation- frozen veggies are preferred or better yet, do the vegetable cutting when you have the time and seal and refrigerate to use later.

Puff pastry and party food- sorry for being the party pooper! But this is true. That food was cooked so long ago, preserved for ages, recooked or reheated and served. It hardly contains any nutritional value. Most of it is white flour or salt, sugar and fats. Taste is subjective, let’s make an effort to have healthy finger foods like veg fingers and curd dip.

Juice and soft drink (especially canned or bottled juice)- why not consume fruit itself? Going off fibre and pulp is not a healthier option. Juice is actually a sugar drink. Soft drinks contain carbon dioxide which disturbs digestion in the long run and an overload of sugar. Want to test? Keep a cola open till it loses its fizz, then try it!!

Anything that involves an intolerable level of spice, red chillies. Spice up your life but why give yourself a heartburn? Use one or two spices, in moderation and enjoy the taste.

Shop made desserts-  a load of sugar alongside white polished grains, flours, salt. For the occasional treat- go local, go traditional. Get puran polis, chikkis, laddus made from jaggery, nuts, besan etc.

Fast food- Fast to get …hard to lose – the waistline!! May clog your blood vessels with all the trans fat, processed cheese, salt laden sauces.

Processed foods- Could be a food safety hazard, containing excess preservatives, salt. It tastes like food but is just an empty filler with health offering. 

Moderation is the key, else every food can be harmful. Choose wisely, consciously.

  • Deepa Kamath
  • Senior Nutritionist, Navitae


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