In the previous episode, we discussed about insulin. Here were introduce you to leptin.

#2 Leptin

Leptin is produced by fat cells and is considered to be a satiety hormone, which reduces appetite and makes one feel full. Leptin tells the brain that there is enough fat stored and no more fat is needed, which prevents overeating.

However, in obesity, leptin does not work as it should. This is referred to as leptin resistance. When leptin signalling is impaired, the message to stop eating does not go to the brain, and thus it drives eating and in turn leads to higher fat storage.

Two causes of inflated leptin levels are chroniwhatsappy elevated insulin levels and inflammation in hypothalamus.

Few steps for improving leptin sensitivity is as follows :

#1 Limit food that causes inflammation, especially sugary drinks and packaged food that contains transfats

#2 Eat more anti-inflammatory food such as fatty fish, walnut, avocado

#3 Exercise regularly-30 minutes, 6 days a week

#4 Get enough sleep – 7 to 8 hours per day

Even after having a meal, do you feel hungry?
Do you overeat, even after a meal, thereby gaining extra weight?

Watch the next episode for more information on hormones.
Stay fit, Stay healthy, Stay happy !


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