Question: Do ab crunches help to get flat abs?

Growing waistline with age is a common concern. People looking to reduce their waistline often look up abdominal exercises thinking it will help them get flat abs. It’s frustrating when they put in insane amount of hard work and see no results.

Let’s understand this a little more.

Abdominal fat is of 2 kinds : Subcutaneous (that which lies immediately under the skin) and another is visceral (which is around the organs). When it comes to losing it, subcutaneous fat is easier. Visceral fat takes long to deposit and takes longer to get rid of. Visceral fat is also something we health professionals are more worried about.

If you feel your abdominal fat is tight and it does not jiggle.. It is visceral fat. If you can lift the fat between your fingers, it is subcutaneous.

Did you know? Lower abdominal fat is more difficult to lose than upper abdominal fat.
Points to remember:

1) Abdominal fat is like any other fat. When you lose, you can lose it from anywhere, there is no way you can spot reduce.

2) Abdominal exercises do not reduce abdominal fat. It only strengthens the abdominal muscles which is equally important but it will NOT help you lose the abdominal fat.

3) Consuming food low on glycemic index – Salads, Daal, Legumes, poultry products, Vegetables will help reduce overall fat and hence abdominal fat.

4) Doing compound strengthening exercises for large muscles groups like Chest, Back, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes will build larger muscles, larger muscles rev up the metabolism and higher metabolism leeches away fat for running the physiological processes. This is taken care of in the Navitae’s exercise programs.

Stop doing abdominal crunches. Eat well, exercise regularly and abdominal fat will start melting away.

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Stay fit, Stay healthy, Stay happy !!