R.I.P.E : Investigate – Pt 2

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Many people struggle to pick the right set of activities for themselves to keep fit and healthy. There is so much on the net. You hear people talk kettleball, cardio, aerobics, pilates, zumba, swinging, yoga, power yoga and you wonder which one should you pick as your head goes reeling. It does n’t help when you step inside the gym to see even more complicated set of instruments.

Approximately 54% of the people give up on their new year resolution by mid-year. According to Neuroscience, humans are better able to consistently do an activity when they associate a very high level of happiness with that activity. Take example of any kind of human addiction.

That brings us to the next part of the series under Investigate –

2 rules of thumb when deciding on picking an exercise:
1. It must be safe for you.
2. It must be something that makes you happy.

You can consider various options when it comes to picking a form of exercise. Each of them have their own benefits and limitations. Depending upon any pre-existing ailment, age, weight, current fitness level, few forms of exercise may not be recommended for certain people. Hence it is best to check with a certfied fitness consultant or physician before starting. Also make sure you understand the right techniques, posture before starting to avoid long term injuries.

Home options like Yogasana, Bodyweight exercises, exercises with resistance band and working out with home workout videos provide flexibility and can be done in the privacy of your home.
Resistance bands are cheap, versatile and take very less luggage space. Keep one handy and you can incorporate some resistance in your workouts. The home options are excellent for people with dynamic, tight schedule, young mothers and frequent travellers.

Invest in a Stationary upright bicycles. I love mine for many reasons. They are cheap. Workout while reading the paper or watching TV. You will never feel guilty watching TV for long hours. For many of my friends they double up as cloth hanger as well.

If you have access to well equipped fitness centers do not miss the free weights – dumbells. They are great for building balance and strength. You can train almost all muscle groups with dumbells. Check out the cross trainers for low impact full body workouts.

Do you have access to a pool? If you can overcome the love for your hair, swimming provides a good full body aerobic workout with resistance. Powers your lungs and relaxes your muscles. Great non impact workout for almost everyone especially pregnant women.

Have you ever considered any group fitness classes. Data says people are more motivated when they workout in a group. Exercise partners provide powerful combination of support, accountability and motivation. It is also an excellent way to socialize.

Into sports? No better way to break some sweat than sports. Sports bring all the benefits of a group exercise along with the competitive spirit which pushes to be consistent. Make sure you are properly conditioned to take up a sport to avoid any long term injury.

As you see, options are numerous and I have only scratched the surface. Pick the one that you enjoy doing. Mix and match to get some variety and fun in your exercise routines.

Stay tuned for Investigate Pt 3 – Who. Till then,

Stay fit and healthy!


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