The devil is not in CARBS

CARBS or carbohydrates often get a bad name with respect to weight loss. We hear people say, I have cut down carbs or I don’t take carbs for dinner.

Basic science teaches us that Carbohydrates and Fats provide energy as well us aid in other metabolic functions. So Carbohydrates just like Proteins and Fats are very important to run our physiological functions.

Then, when does CARB become a devil?

#1 : When we select refined sugar (sweets, beverages with added sugar, maida, polished and refined white rice) over complex cabohydrates like Rawa, Ragi, Jawar, Bajra, Wheat.

Refined carbohydrates cause insulin spike. Insulin is an anabolic hormone that promote fat storage.

#2 : When the intake is much higher than what we burn. Unused carbohydrates metabolize into triglycerides for storage. Here the culprit really is – we not exercising, not the carbohydrate itself.

When you consume a high carbohydrate meal, remember to substantiate it with high intensity exercises. Exercises improve glucose uptake in your cells.

#3 Time your carbohydrate heavy meals around your workout hours. It really does not matter whether you consume it during daytime or evening. Just consume around your exercise hour. Exercising depletes the glycogen level of our muscles. A carbohydrate meal will help to replenish it.

#4: Not being mindful of portion size. 2 chapati is approx 120 Cal. The calorie amount is approx equivalent to 8 egg whites or 80 gms of chicken breast. 8 egg whites or 80 gm of chicken gives you greater feeling of fullness than 2 chapatis. It is easier to overeat chapati than chicken or egg with the same calorie value.

Just be mindful and exercise control when having carbs.

#5 Calorie balance: Finally along with all the above, if you are looking to lose weight, you need to be in calorie deficit. You can attain that by reducing calories from carbohydrate or protein or fat. Calorie deficit can be attained by exercising regularly.

A combination of exercise and diet while remaining active throughout the day is the key to healthful fat loss.

Stay fit, stay healthy and stay happy!


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