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About me:

I am Geetha Venkatesh, working professional and mom of teenager!  I assumed I had  perfected the art of  balancing family , work and long commute from many years.

While I had plan for my  husband, son, mother and everyone around me , my own health and fitness is royally ignored. (Realisation comes after hitting whopping 80kg 🙂 )

My journey:

Inspiration came whenthe ‘L’  and ‘XL’ sized dresses  stopped fitting me and my medical reports started showing some ridiculous numbers (Weight , cholesterol , Blood pressure and Sugar levels)

Since I knew Ruma and her passion for fitness, It did not take much time to whatsapp up Ruma and fix up an appointment.

Challenges I faced:

Self-doubt and staying away from sweets and savouries were the biggest challenge. Controlling my mind and being disciplined was the toughest challenge.

What kept me going?

My friend Sangeetha’s gentle push and motivation @ work and Ruma’s perseverance and motivation kept me going.  Ruma’s USP was that we had to share the pictures of what we ate. By looking at the picture she used to guide whether portion size/ nutrients are good for us.

When you see someone genuinely interested in helping you, it kept me going.

Compliments from immediate family, reduction in weight week after week, super healthy medical report  kept me going.  Divine feeling is when your nice old dress starts fitting you 🙂

How fitness changed my life:

Fitness has changed my life for good.  Exercise at my house which is customised, what more to ask for?

I personally feel, after a good run and work out, that I have more energy, concentration and focus.