U Inspire Sangeetha Maria | Navitae Customer Reviews

About me:

I am Sangeetha Maria , working professional and busy mom of 3 kids, 2 daughters and a lovely pug 🙂 !  With my work, I  take on additional role  of  full time cook, full time driver picking/dropping kids to various classes  and responsible  daughter/ daughter in law who is just a whatsapp away.

While I had plan for everyone,  something was not going right.. My body was bloating and felt miserable when I was not able to get into my lovely black dress 🙂 .

My journey:

Inspiration came when one of my friend at work shared  the same problem but with a solution!!

That was the best phone whatsapp, it was such great co-incidence, while I was thinking about the problem I got to know about Navitae.

I trusted my friend and it took only few minutes to just say ‘Yes’ and journey with Navitae and Ruma started.

Challenges I faced on the way:

I was extremely determined, only challenge were the parties and the weddings!

Of course sacrificing my divine wine was a challenge but I was determined and had complete control on my mind.

What kept me going?

I never saw different numbers on weighing scale in spite of various options I had tried earlier.

When the numbers on the scale started reducing, it was the best ‘AHA’ moment for me and there was no looking back.. I have reduced from 78 to 65 kgs and I feel so proud about it.

Ruma was very interested in my loss and she was with me all throughout the journey, that really kept me going. Support, compliments and motivation that I got from my hubby and daughters kept me super charged up.

Compliments at work everyday made by day!

How fitness changed my life

Fitness has changed my life for good.  I feel very happy and fit and I feel I always have energy to take on challenges.