What do you think about Spot Reduction?


Fat in our body is like water stored in a water tank. Thinking one can reduce fat from one part alone is like saying one wants to use water only from the right side of one’s water tank. Fat, just like water stored in the water tank, is stored energy. Wherever your body needs energy, fat burns to provide energy.

A combination of total body movements, regular exercises, adequate intake of water, adequate rest and a well balanced diet helps in healthy fat loss. Total body movements like planks, squats, lunges use more larger muscle groups. These muscle groups require more energy and build more muscles.This in turn will result in higher resting metabolic rate, which accelerates fat burning.

In order to get a toned body, all which is needed, is to reduce the body fat percentage. Once the fat melts or is at a desirable level, muscles will be more proximate to skin. At this stage, doing muscle toning exercises, will help achieve definition to muscles and will give you a fit and toned look.

The common misconception is that when you are exercising a certain body part, fat will melt from that body part. However the truth is, muscle of that body part strengthens but fat will not burn. Fat is accumulated on top of the muscle and in order to eliminate this fat, one needs to follow the appropriate exercise and right diet plan.

Stay fit, Stay healthy, Stay happy !