What is killing your diet program?

Most of us will admit to cheating when we are on a diet program. Once that happens, a cloud of guilt surrounds us. Neither do we enjoy the experience of eating a food we like, nor do we make any progress towards goal. We feel like we are constantly swimming in the middle of the lake – we are neither on the health side nor on the enjoyment side. We feel like losers and we start blaming our self control.

Let’s look at some of the triggers behind this loss of control:

    1. Hunger : When we are hungry our resolve to eat ONLY healthy food drops drastiwhatsappy. It is a matter of survival; we will eat anything to keep us from dying due to hunger. Mind plays a havoc with our will power. If you want to survive this near death phenomenon, keep a snack in your bag always – nuts, buttermilk, soya milk, almond milk in tetrapacks. Never be hungry, eat at the right time. If you plan your day well, organize your meals around your schedule, you will notice that you will be much in control of what you eat.
    2. Stress : Most people binge eat when they are stressed. Sugar craving typiwhatsappy increases during times of stress. Sugar has shown to cause a dopamine like response in our body. We feel good when we eat sugar rich food. Soon this gets addictive. It’s like watching netflix/movies to calm the mind.
      Stress can happen due to pressure at workplace, pressure at home due to house hold responsibilities or managing elders and kids at home.If you wish to not fall trap to sugar during moments of stress, you could try these simple things to calm your mind – take a walk outdoor, listen to music, chat with friends and family and smell flowers.
    3. Lack of sleep : People who get less sleep will suffer from control of mind. Our mind cannot focus and function when it is tired. We are prone to falling prey to sweets and oily food during these times. The only way this can be combated is by getting at least 7 hours of night sleep. Now 7 hours of sleep is also needed for our body to function properly. A lack of attention to sleep can cause long term health issues. If work load or managing family responsibilities is getting in the way of your sleep, you will need to take a stand on priority.
    4. Feeling bored : This one is funny but very very true. This is opposite of stress but an equal partner in crime. I am sure it happens to all of us. We eat just because we don’t have anything more interesting to do. Well, no advice on this from me because this is a no brainer. You know better how to snap yourself out of your boredom.
    5. Friends and family egging us on: Loving friends and family kill us with these sweet words “Having once will not send you to your grave, will it?” How do we say no to our aunt who painstakingly prepared our favourite dish by being up all night? Their love makes them blind towards our high diabetes or blood pressure, especially during festive season. This has been the toughest one to crack in my lifetime. Do you have any suggestions? How did you combat a loving friend or a family member?


  1. Share your thoughts with us on what kills your diet plan. Enjoy life, we get it just once.
    Stay fit, stay healthy, stay happy!
  2. Please note: In this blog we are highlighting only the common causes in people who do not have a eating disorder. Eating disorder is a psychological issue and needs to be dealt professionally with the help of a therapist.


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