Why is resting heart rate important?

Speaking about cardio vascular fitness, resting heart rate is one of the measures of a conditioned and healthy heart.

Resting heart is what it says it is. Your heart rate at rest. Heart Rate is the number of times the heart beats in a minute.

Heart beats to pump blood into our body. Blood transport oxygen, nutrition, hormones etc to the rest of our body for it’s functioning. If at one shot heart cannot pump everything that the body needs, then it has to beat more number of times to meet the requirements of our body. It means it has to work extra hard. It also means it is stressed out. Just like us, when we have to work overtime, we get stressed.

So a low value of resting heart rate is a measure of how well conditioned our heart is. clinically, heart rate of 70-100 bpm is acceptable. Well conditioned athletes have resting heart rate around 50 bpm or lower.

Resting heart rate has shown to elevate with smoking, lack of sleep, higher stress level, lack of exercise.

How do you condition your heart?
Sleep well, exercise plenty.

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Stay fit, stay healthy and stay happy!


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