Why walking is not an exercise.

Are you one of those people who walk everyday and think you are exercising? Many people in India walk everyday and think they are exercising. If so, then you need to read this carefully.

Walking is needed for an active lifestyle and it is basic but it cannot be considered as an exercise.

1. Walking is a cardiovascular activity, which means it is an activity for your heart. For any activity to be considered a cardiovascular “exercise”, it needs to be performed between 60% to 85% of your Maximal heart rate. By walking you will hardly reach 50-55% of your maximal heart rate and it is not enough.

Here is how to calculate your Target Heart Rate:
X= 220-Age-Resting Heart Rate
Y=X* (Percentage at which you want to calculate ex 60% or 85%)
Target Heart Rate = Y + Resting Heart Rate

2. Many people argue, it burns calories and hence it must be beneficial. Partly yes. It does burn calories. However calories burnt from 30 mins of walk is fairly insignificant.

3. Any activity to be considered an exercise has to become progressively challenging. It takes the body just 4-6 weeks to get adapted to the same stimuli and then it ceases to be as effective. And, if you have been walking for more than 6 weeks, the benefits are insignificant compared to the time you invest in the activity.

However, people who are overweight, leading a totally sedentary lifestyle, for them any movement is better than no movement at all. Walking is a good start for them. However, after 6 weeks of walking, they must graduate to a more rigorous cardiovascular activity like light jogging, cycling, swimming to continue to get cardiovascular benefits.

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Stay fit, stay healthy and stay happy!


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