Your investment towards a healthy life : R.I.P.E

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My parents were worried when I signed up for Kathak(Indian classical dance) class 3 months back. They felt I was “too old” to pick up a dance form that has high impact on knees and ankles. When I persisted my mom complained I was stubborn – Yes of course! I have her genes. When I perform this highly intense dance form with ease today, I have a feeling of deep pleasure and satisfaction. To give you a perspective, I could not perform Kathak with this ease when I was 17. My parents are now happy for me.

A very simple strategy has helped me through the years in my journey of health and fitness- Resolve, Investigate, Plan and Execute == RIPE. My upcoming posts will elaborate each one of these in length and detail. What follows is a long post but I trust the patience and attention of the readers.

Resolve :
Resolve that you will find 30 – 60 mins each day for yourself come rain, sunshine, work pressure.

There is a reason for “Resolve” to be placed before Investigate, Plan and Execute. “Resolve” will be the top most challenge you will fight daily. In the face of a travel, work pressure, family event this 30-60 mins will be the one thing you will be so tempted to compromise. You are not alone – Approximately 54% of the people give up on their new year resolution by mid-year. So how do you keep at your goals?

1. Simple and tangible : It is sensible to set up small achievable goals over a period of time than a one time overwhelming goal – it’s a no brainer, but a regular reinforcement helps. Lofty goals adds to stress. Simple attainable ones motivates to try the next challenge. Ex. For beginnners, 30 mins of walk per week would be a good start. Or “I will eat one serving of fruit every day”. Once you are consistent, it is time to step up the challenge.

2. Make it known : When we share our goal we build accountability. Interestingly human beings are tuned to this methodology right from school, thru home to our workplace. The only difference is our teachers, managers or family set the goals and ask for status. And here you set the goal and make it public so others can ask for status. It works so well that forced by habit very soon people will pour in to check in on your progress.

In many online fitness forums you will find people post their exercise logs and pictures of their progress. The feedback, interaction with other members helps to maintain the resolve.

If you are an introvert, just share it with few very close people that you trust. But definitely do share.

3. Respect and expect others to respect : Respect the “me” time and start expecting people to respect it as well. Do not view this slot as something that can be compromised as other activities pour in during the day. Let people know you will be unavailable during this time without being or sounding apologetic.

If you are the kind of person who always give in to people’s request for time, you will find it difficult to set the boundary. Others will find it equally difficult to accept this boundary. However, once you enforce this successfully few times, very soon the respect for this boundary will rub off on others too.

4. Mix it up, make it fun : Whatever the goal, there has to be some fun in the process. It will be difficult to maintain the resolve if you do not find it enjoyable. You will benefit from mixing different kinds of activities. Could be a combination of Yoga/pilates/dance/swimming/cycling/jogging … etc. For folks that get bored easily it is important to mix the activities.

In the next couple weeks, I urge you to set a goal and using these techniques, try to keep at it. Share your progress with me.

In the next post, I will elaborate upon “Investigate”. We will investigate and find the right options that suit you. Till then,

Stay fit and healthy!


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